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Bulk Mulch

Mulch is one of the easiest and most cost effective materials for adding curb appeal to your landscape. Our premium hardwood mulch is sourced from local Michigan hardwoods, and contains no pallet-wood or other fillers. This premium material has been triple ground for a better look, easier spreading, and maximum coverage for your dollar. It is available year-round in three beautiful colors. Bring your truck or trailer for loading during store hours, or ask us about delivery.

Mulch Calculator
Square Feet Calculator

Note: We recommend a depth of 4” for new beds, or 2” for existing beds.

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Bulk Mulch Options
dark brown mulch manthei supply
Hardwood Mulch, Dark Brown

• Premium colored mulch
• 100% natural hardwood, no filler
• Easy to spread
• Excellent coverage rate

midnight brown mulch manthei supply northern michigan
Hardwood Mulch, Midnight Brown

• Premium colored mulch
• 100% natural hardwood, no filler
• Easy to spread
• Excellent coverage rate

natural hardwood mulch bulk charlevoix
Hardwood Mulch, Natural

• Premium mulch
• 100% natural hardwood, no filler
• Easy to spread
• Excellent coverage rate

Mulch FAQs
Why should I use hardwood mulch?

Mulch has many benefits in your landscape. In addition to making your beds look amazing, mulch retains moisture to protect your plants from drought during the summer months. In the winter months, it acts as a blanket, protecting root systems from cold temperatures. Mulch can also slow the spread of weeds in your garden.

How much mulch should I use?

We recommend using up to four (4) inches of mulch in a new landscape bed, or up to two (2) inches to freshen up an existing bed.

How often should I put down mulch?

You’ll usually want to freshen up your landscape beds with additional mulch every 1-2 years. Mulch is a biodegradable material that will break down over time, which is great for your shrubs and flowers. You’ll want to add new mulch as needed to keep the beds looking fresh, and to replace mulch that has broken down into the soil.

Do you deliver mulch?

Yes! We have the ability to deliver as few as a handful of cubic yards, or as many as 100+ cubic yards of mulch at one time. Ask us about delivery to Charlevoix, Petoskey, Boyne City, Harbor Springs, Elk Rapids, Bellaire, Central Lake, Gaylord, Alanson, Pelston, Indian River, Burt Lake, Torch Lake, Mullet Lake, Walloon, Wolverine, and nearly anywhere else in Michigan.

Should I put landscape fabric under my mulch to stop weed growth?

Generally, landscape fabric is not effective for inhibiting weed growth in a landscape bed, and can actually give weeds a place to take root and become more difficult to remove.

Will colored mulch stain my driveway?

If you plan to have a load of colored mulch dropped on your driveway prior to spreading, we recommend having it dropped on a tarp. Dyed mulch has the potential to “bleed” on a driveway. The dye will rinse off the driveway after a couple of rains. But to minimize the chance of bleed, it’s best to put down a tarp.

Do you offer bulk quantity pricing?

We offer bulk quantity pricing to landscape professionals for delivered orders of 100 cubic yards or more.

Notes on colored mulch:

Colored mulches stored in piles require direct sunlight and air to complete the curing process. When installing colored mulch, limit water within the first couple of days by applying sparingly and direct to plants; be cautious of heavy rain and storms. Large mulch piles should be stored away from surfaces that may absorb color. You will find this to be true with all colored mulches in the industry.

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